Converted Shipping Container Offices in Southampton

Solent Stevedores creates new head quarters using shipping containers at Southampton Port. This environmentally friendly building method saved the company over 40% compared to conventional bricks and mortar equivalent.

shipping container offices southampton
Stunning new Solent Stevedores head quarters in Southampton.

Solent Stevedores, the innovative maritime logistics company, has taken a unique approach to constructing their headquarters. Embracing creativity and sustainability, they have ingeniously repurposed shipping containers to build their new office space. This bold move showcases their commitment to thinking outside the box and finding innovative solutions.

The new two-storey 3,500 square foot ( 1066.8m2 ) office is constructed using 11 x steel single use shipping containers. These shipping container offices are welded together off-site and assembled on-site. In just four months the build progressed from plans to completion.

shipping container offices balcony view
These shiny new head quarters features a mezzanine with stunning views across Southampton.

By transforming these industrial containers into a functional workspace, Solent Stevedores has not only reduced construction costs but also minimized their environmental impact. This eco-friendly initiative aligns with their values of sustainability and responsible business practices.

front entrance fully accessible container offices
Main entrance to offices are fully accessible with ramps to door entrance level.

Progressive Shipping Container Offices

The new headquarters is a testament to Solent Stevedores’ forward-thinking mindset and their ability to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. This unconventional approach not only sets them apart from their competitors but also demonstrates their determination to challenge traditional norms.

Solent Stevedores’ decision to create their HQ out of shipping containers is a bold statement, reflecting their innovative spirit and commitment to sustainable practices.

richard powell solent stevedores james dale willbox
James Dale (right) hands over the keys to the shiny new offices to Richard Powell of Solent Stevedores.

About Solents Stevedores

Solent Stevedores, an esteemed private port operator, proudly boasts a collection of prestigious awards for its outstanding work in the UK, Channel Islands, and Singapore.

Their expertise extends to various ports, including the Port of Southampton, the River Thames, DP World London Gateway, the Port of St Helier in Jersey, and the Port of Immingham.

With a committed team of skilled, driven, and adaptable professionals the company consistently delivers an exceptional service across a diverse range of port operations. Going above and beyond to ensure that their clients receive nothing short of the highest level of service, they maintain a reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Solent Stevedores Rail Terminal

Rail siding length is 620m with 80 box turnarounds possible every 90 mins thanks to a fleet of DB Class 67s and GB Railfreight Class 66 locomotives.

  • Train refuelling
  • Container Shunting
  • Container Storage
  • Container M&R
  • Container Inspections

rail terminal map southampton
Southampton Rail Terminal operated by Solent Stevedores.

Says Clive Thomas, Commercial Director at Solent Stevedores:

The team from Willcox has done an exceptional job, delivering our new building in just four months and saving us significantly against building using bricks and mortar. Not only that, it looks fantastic too. We are going to be very happy here.

We wanted a new headquarters building that represented the environment in which we work in Southampton docks, and so having it built from shipping containers seemed like the right choice.

Says Chris Williams, Managing Director at Willbox:

This is going to be a very comfortable building for all those that work there – at no point will it feel like they are in an enclosed container box. Instead, it will feel like a cohesive and contemporary designed modern building.

We are delighted to have successfully handed over this new headquarters building for Solent Stevedores, and we look forward to seeing the building occupied and in use for many years to come, showing off the flexibility of shipping containers for modern architecture.

In summary

Solent Stevedores have proved shipping containers are a versatile, more sustainable and exciting form of construction. You have to agree that these shipping container offices are an example of slick and modern design and construction. You too could be the proud owners of an environmentally friendly, long lasting and sensibly priced office suite like this. If you would like to find out more contact us today.

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