shipping container offices balcony view

Solent Stevedores creates new head quarters using shipping containers at Southampton Port. This environmentally friendly building method saved the company over 40% compared to conventional bricks and mortar equivalent. Solent Stevedores, the innovative maritime logistics company, has taken a unique…  Read More ❯

tempoary-classrooms schools colleges shipping containers

Unlock the Potential of Temporary Classrooms! Affordable, Versatile, and Sustainable Solutions for Educational Emergencies or Expansion Looking to expand your school or university without breaking the bank? Used temporary classrooms are the answer! These converted shipping containers offer a cost-effective…  Read More ❯

portable building blue pop up

Whatever you’re needs, when speed is key, modular containers are the solution! In today’s fast moving economy decisions need to be implemented quickly. Whether you’re setting up a temporary construction site office, extending an commercial premises, clinic, health centre, building…  Read More ❯

recycled shipping container bar tokyo schmatz

This recycled shipping container once travelled the worlds oceans, today its the latest Schmatz beer stand Situated close to Tokyo’s Dome baseball stadium it’s in a perfect location to serve beer and comfort food to fans. Much of the original…  Read More ❯