shipping container offices balcony view

Solent Stevedores creates new head quarters using shipping containers at Southampton Port. This environmentally friendly building method saved the company over 40% compared to conventional bricks and mortar equivalent. Solent Stevedores, the innovative maritime logistics company, has taken a unique…  Read More ❯

guernsey vts signal station ft

Guernsey Vessel Traffic Service has a brand new eco-friendly signal station on White Rock Pier in St Peter Port Harbour The original building on the pier was demolished over 10 years ago. Since then Guernsey Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) have…  Read More ❯

shipping container home office

A shipping container home office has never been so popular. No longer exclusive to bohemian design studios or Chelsea garden houses. People are waking up to the reality of climate change. Cheaper, more sustainable building methods will be top priority…  Read More ❯