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Steel shipping containers are primarily designed to be transported by road, rail and sea all over the world but they have other uses!

iso container conversions
Shipping containers are a rapid solution to many business and domestics lack of space problems.

Containers are made for moving heavy loads. Containers are fully constructed from steel and have heavy duty wood floors which allows them to be stacked fully loaded, (20’ can carry 25 tons and 40’ can carry over 30 tons) up to nine high. We carry out container conversions on most types of container and turn them into some very interesting structures. The construction of a container also includes four corner posts, heavy duty floor bearers and corner castings making them an ideal starting point when constructing buildings and portable cabins.

It’s amazing to believe that container conversions have taken place almost as long as the container itself has been around. As stand alone portable cabins or connected together in modular forms to make larger buildings, the containers act as building blocks. Once the containers have had additional fabrication, internal fit-out and mains services added they work perfectly as buildings for a range of uses. Architects now see the humble shipping container as a credible alternative to conventional construction methods plus it makes for some exciting buildings!

iso container conversion grey popup bar shutters
The options are endless, ISO shipping containers allow you to build almost anything quickly and relatively cheaply, just like this mobile pop-up bar.

About our Container Conversions

The most common use for container conversions has been site cabins or portable offices. Building sites use converted containers as anti-vandal office space and some are converted into mess rooms, meeting rooms and toilet facilities. InBox Projects convert 20’ x 8’ and 40’ x 8’ shipping containers into comfortable portable office spaces, restaurants, pop-up retail units and even cycle centres! Fully insulated and lined and with a professional paint finish to the exterior, the units look good on any site.

More recently architects, designers, marketing and event companies have seen the effectiveness of converted containers as a great way of immersing clients in their brand through pop up shops, event stands and experiential buildings. Because containers can be converted to link together, stand on top of one another and create many shapes and different sized buildings, the options are endless. InBox Projects offer a wide range of materials for internal and external finishes to suit both client and the event message.

Some container conversions do not look like shipping containers when they are finished; they are merely the building blocks from which some really interesting structures are made.
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We offer a wide range of buildings based on shipping containers. Whether you need temporary retail or office space, event units or bespoke engineered solutions for switch-rooms and control rooms, we can customize our units to suit your needs.

InBox Projects are an engineering based company specialising in the conversion, fabrication, construction and finish of containerised buildings. We supply a wide range of clients from architects and design houses to event and construction companies.
To give you some history about the shipping container; Malcolm McLean revolutionised the movement of goods on road, rail and ship in the 1950’s by designing the first standardised steel shipping containers to save time and costs loading and unloading goods onto transport. Because containers by their very nature are standardised, this makes them ideal building blocks for a range of buildings from single to multi-story. 20ft shipping containers have load bearing capacities as standard, some can take 24 tons and can be stacked eight high fully loaded.

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