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InBox Projects offers a range of containerised pop up event and retail units, from experiential containers to food, retail and hospitality, we have it covered

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Experiential Containers

InBox Projects produce a range of snack bars and seating areas for tired and hungry festival-goers while keeping the theme at the heart of the event for the client. Experiential containers fully immerse the visitors at an event and surround them with an enjoyable, memorable experience. Experiential containers also provide event managers with a pop-up solution for events where time can not be spent at site prior to the launch date. Our containerised solutions come ready with everything you need sealed inside the box.


Engage everyone with an exhibition stand in a box. Experiential containers with bespoke branding to suit your target audience, which can be easily changed between exhibitions. The InBox Projects exhibition unit is self sufficient with all exhibition furniture, electric services stored for transport, this is a stand that was made to travel. Don’t be put off by the appearance of the container, we can dress it up so it looks like anything from an old pub to a spaceship. Your imagination is key to the success of an event and our experience as manufacturers of event units will help you achieve that success.


Taking to the streets with your shop window can only be a positive move using our experiential containers. Secure, cost effective and a real eye opener, the pop up shop front has arrived. Fully glazed walls, pull out canopies, sound system, lighting are already here, just add customers. InBox Projects utilise both shipping containers, flat pack buildings and hard and soft structures to enhance the shopping experience. Window shopping has never been so interesting.


Engage your clients within exciting surroundings created with experiential containers. Units are fully branded, deployable and cost effective. We offer simple covered space to high tech zip-up buildings with hydraulic platforms and pull out rooms all to give the best possible experience depending on your budget. From single story to multi-story units that will suit any event, InBox Projects offer space without limits.

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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages”. The InBox Projects units are fully self-contained stage structures, which can be rigged and de-rigged, quickly from site to site, using conventional haulage which makes the unit inexpensive to move. As with most InBox Projects structures we can offer pull-up, drop-down, hand winch or fully hydraulic options. Structures can be open to the elements or fully enclosed and can be modular to form larger stages making them the platform to watch at any venue.


InBox Projects offer our temporary or semi-permanent structures for you to serve food and drink from and a place where your customers can enjoy comfortable surroundings. Available as an all weather option for events, street cafes, exhibitions and festivals, we offer a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit your need and your budget. The InBox Projects modular cafe is a flexible option for street food as the units can be linked together to provide large covered areas and can be easily moved from site to site at short notice. Full sides can be opened with glazed sliding or bi-fold doors to allow customer to spill outside when the sun shines.


Rapid-deployment bars are ready to use at any location. Secure buildings open up to reveal a fully stocked bar ready for any event. Shop-fitting and customized branding both inside and out attracts the thirsty and immerses them in the brand. InBox Projects rapid-deployment bars can be rented or purchased and can be completely transformed between venues to suit your advertising needs or the style of venue where they will be sited. Use our contact form to ask about purchasing options.

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Event and Retail – Utilizing converted containers and bespoke flat pack modules, InBox Projects can design some great spaces for you to work in. Rapid deployment pop up shops and temporary structures are our speciality. InBox Projects has created some interesting spaces for both retail and event customers.

The great thing about using containerised units is that they can be given a bespoke finish off site and delivered ready to use. Don’t worry if you don’t think that the container won’t suit the surroundings, we can totally transform both the inside and outside of the units to suit the event, the sponsors and the clients.

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