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InBox Projects are a professional company supplying a range of shipping container ideas

Shipping container ideas by InBox Projects

As part of JPC we have the backing of an international manufacturer of high-end containerised buildings.

JPC has sold thousands of containerised units all over the world and now offer our service through InBox Projects which will concentrate on the UK market. With over 30 years experience gained within the shipping container industry, the management at InBox Projects understands containers. We like to think that we understand our clients too.

Ideas come from many places and it is our job to guide the client to achieve the look and feel of the building they planned and all within budget. When we were thinking about a strap line to go with the InBox Projects logo we had a lot of ideas, some good some not so good. Our personal favourite line was “We all need more space” but our least favourite being “We all need a box!” Our line “Space without limits” sums up pretty much what we offer. You would be amazed at what can be achieved utilising the humble shipping container.

Although we base most of our structures on rugged steel shipping containers that doesn’t mean that they are an inflexible building solution. The container is a building block similar to the childrens’ building block Lego and no one has run out of ideas there yet. The containers can become the actual building or form a small part of the overall construction. Finished buildings don’t need to look like containers when they are finished either as we have large range of exterior cladding options available to suit the local surroundings or to meet your vision of an exciting structure. We cut our teeth making containerised housings and to do this we need to meet some pretty high standards. Those same standards form part of our work ethos, which in turn means that our clients get a great product.

mobilbox mobile offices options

Our business is split into six main categories, each of which is interchangeable to suit your needs. Mobile offices, often known as portable cabins or modular buildings come in a range of sizes and finishes. Purpose-built portable cabins are manufactured from the ground up, made entirely from steel and are perfect for on site use where a rugged construction is required. Event units can be from simple storage or back of house dressing rooms to ticket offices and toilet facilities.

We convert steel shipping containers into a range of experiential structures including, bars, food outlets, shops, stalls and anything else that can be made from these flexible building blocks. Container conversions cross over between offices, event units and architectural structures. Converted containers lend themselves as a complete structure or as part of a larger more complex building. InBox Projects design and manufacture a wide range of buildings utilising the humble shipping container.

We have been involved in everything from shopping malls to food courts and event stalls. We have manufactured bars, training facilities and even houses based on containers. Using some exciting products can turn the container into an attractive building and in some cases you would never know that the building was constructed from containers at all.

Event and retail units are covered by our containers, cabins and modular buildings. We produce our own range of modular buildings, which are built to standards, which meet all European certification.

mobilbox converted steel shipping containers

Converted Steel Shipping Containers by InBox Projects

Steel shipping containers are used throughout the world to standardise the transport of goods on land and sea. The standard sized containers are 20′ x 8′ (6 metres x 2.4 metres) and 40′ x 8′ (12 metres x 2.4 metres) and have full width doors usually at one gable end. The Unit can be stacked fully loaded to nine high on ships.

The rugged construction of containers makes them an ideal building block to convert into accommodation and storage units. InBox Projects convert containers into a range of interesting and exciting buildings from portable site cabins to architectural buildings with a range of finishes.

Our parent company JPC International have been building specialist container housings for several years both here in the UK and at our facility in China. Whether you need portable cabins, pop-up shops and experiential units for events or want to make a statement with some container architecture, we have the solution for you at InBox Projects.

Purpose built portable cabins

We manufacture quality portable accommodation units also known as portable cabins, for a range of clients including construction, retail, industry and the general public. The units are built from the ground up entirely from steel which makes them rugged, protecting against vandalism and day to day use without looking too much like containers.

We can build units to your own specifications or ours, depending on what you need. A range of interior and exterior finishes are available together with fully certified fitted electric services. Paint ranges from simple two coat finish to off-shore extreme weather paint systems which are completed at our heated painting facilities in Cheshire.

flat packed shipping container bar

Flat Pack Portable Cabins and Modular Buildings

For a number of years InBox Projects sister companies based throughout Europe and beyond have been providing clients with portable building solutions based on the InBox Projects flat pack. The units come in a range of sizes but the most popular being the 20′ x 8′ (6 metres x 2.4 metres) and 9’6″ high (2.6 metres). Units are delivered flat packed and can be easily built up into single cabins or joined together to form larger buildings. InBox Projects offer the units flat packed for you to put together. We provide instructions and a short video to assist you. We offer the same buildings built-up, ready for use on site.

Refurbishment – Do you have a cabin fleet of your own?

We refurbish tired and worn steel fleet units at our state of the art facilities to bring them back to life and lengthen their usefulness. Our grit blast bays and heated paint spray building can take cabins and buildings up to 50′ long and ensure a professional, even finish throughout the structure. InBox Projects offers a wide range of fixtures and fittings during fit-out of your buildings to suit both your design requirements and budget.

InBox Projects buyers can source materials, fixtures and fittings to make your fleet units comfortable and hard wearing. Industrial fittings including wall and ceiling boards, floor covering, trims and electrical services and are only sourced from certified suppliers. We also provide environmentally friendly options by up-cycling products to fit-out the buildings. We source wood from old schools, bars and houses and industrial premises. The wood is sanded and finished, nails or screws removed, and sealed, varnished or waxed ready for installation. We also use a range of architectural recycled products including doors, windows, furniture and fixtures. Whether you are looking for a particular light fitting or a particular wood finish or even a full pub sized bar, we can source, fit and finish whatever you need to make your building spectacular.

Upcycling – InBox Projects believes in conservation. Our products lend themselves to clients who would prefer to include re-usable products where possible to achieve a stunning finish within their buildings. Not forgetting that out containers themselves have already had a life shipping products around the globe.

Unusual up-cycled items used within our buildings have included parts from ships, planes, boats and trains! Chandlery steel products lend themselves well to the overall look of our buildings giving them an industrial or contemporary feel.

If you have a vision to build space but want to save costs, help the environment and have a great looking structure then we can help you at InBox Projects.

shipping containers

Popular Units – We now offer a range of our more popular units for rent. Whether you need a temporary bar, kiosk, retail space, office or store, we can customize our units to suit your needs. Storage containers from 8′ to 40′ are offered with a range of fitting options including, insulation and lining for example with plywood or other hard wearing, decorative product, lighting and heating.

Portable offices from 10′ to 40′ are offered, either purpose built or converted shipping container types are available from our fleet. Our range includes open plan offices, canteens and meeting rooms or we can provide you with internal layouts to suit your requirements. Once again all our units are insulated and lined with decorative wallboards, flooring includes vinyl or carpet, full electric services include heating, lighting and power sockets. Our full fitting service can provide additional internal partitions, worktops, cupboards and sink units. Electrical work is carried out by our own team of electricians and test certificates are provided.

InBox Projects has our own range of modular buildings and stand alone flat pack cabins. Each module can be placed side by side or end to end to form larger buildings and can be stacked to form multi-story structures. Internal layouts can be adjusted to meet your needs. Have a look at our products page for more information.

Turnkey Solutions – From initial idea to delivery, InBox Projects offers a full turn-key service to accommodate your ideas and turn them into reality. We can guide you through the process of using our products and ensure that you get the building you need on time and within budget.

Design and Engineering – We take raw ideas and turn them into professional engineered drawings for our fabricators to produce buildings which meet certified safety requirements. InBox Projects are a professional company supplying not only a range of great shipping container ideas but a total solution when you need more space.

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