Brighton Music Hall Shipping Container Dance & Dining Areas

Brighton Music Hall is ready for the winter celebrations with its brand new dance and dining areas thanks to our trendy shipping container conversions, designed and built by Inbox Projects here in the UK!

brighton music hall shipping container dance dining areas
Brighton Music Hall ready for the winter celebrations with its new outdoor dining and dance area.

Brighton Music Hall is a vibrant and attractive venue situated on the stunning sea front in Brighton. It boasts a large open seating area that is the perfect place to enjoy the summer days and evenings with the best views in town. Then the winter arrives and this beautiful setting is now a wet and windy place to be.

design sketches shipping container conversion
Initial design sketches presented to the client.

That is where Inbox Projects come in. We were set the task of engineering, designing and delivering a shipping container conversion solution so that this venue could continue to be the place to be throughout the Christmas period.

high resolution cad renders shipping container design
High resolution CAD render design concepts.

We started by evaluating the space available and considering all the requirements of the venue’s owner. Before long we had designed a bespoke event space that the customer was excited to progress with.

shipping container installation brighton music hall
Six weeks later installation of the new complex begins.

Fast forward 6 weeks and we were delivering four 40ft high cube shipping containers that had been converted to suit the design in our manufacturing facility in the Northwest of England. The design consisted of two large dining areas with a total floor space of 58 sqm, an open plan dance floor and bar area, also at 58sqm.

brighton music hall outdoor dining
Installation is nearly complete in just a few days.

brighton shipping container conversions slide

Also included was a spectacular raised mezzanine area for seating on three of the containers, creating an elevating viewing area with over 90 sqm of space. This was protected by a tall Zintec metal wall and had a stairway and handrail system. A total of six French doors and four windows ensured that the space was accessible and flooded of natural light. All finished off with an eye-catching paint job.

brighton music hall outdoor dining at night
The outdoor area is transformed at night with elegant lighting.

night scene shipping brighton music hall

Delivered and installed within 3 days this really proves that containerised event spaces are not only fast, affordable and unique but can look pretty fantastic as well.

converted shipping containers interior dining spaces
Interior dining spaces ideal for party’s and functions.

converted shipping containers interior dining spaces

brighton music hall dancers converted shipping containers interior dining spaces night scene shipping container installation brighton music hall

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The amazing Brighton Beach Box Christmas Party has come to an end and now this fantastic event space is looking for its next venue!! if you are interested contact us via or on 01606 272875

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