Beer Shop Shipping Container

The Filling Station founder Matt Kelly converts a 40ft shipping container into a craft beer shop

converted shipping container retail outlet
Shipping container converted into retail beer shop at St. Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Created in 2021 the premises is effectively a standard single use 40ft shipping container. Sustainability is an important factor in the design of the beer shop. Matt worked with designers and producers to acquire as much of the components from green sources as possible.

matt kelly beer shop founder celebrates
Matt Kelly celebrates successful first year in business at the Filling Station, St Ives.

The beer shop is a hit!

Since opening its doors The Filling Station has become a big hit with locals. The craft beer tap room and retail space is rustic in style clad with timber and brick effect.

beer shop design
Architects impression created during the design and build process.

On the outside there is a beer garden for customers to enjoy. A serving hatch is fitted to provide easy serving during the summer months. The main entrance comprises floor to ceiling glazed sliding doors and steel grip step up.

st ives the filling station
The Filling Station at St Ives is a converted shipping container beer shop with timber clad exterior.

Customers can choose from a selection of 10 UK craft beers from the draught beer wall. 1 and 2 litre US style beer glass growlers, when sealed, will keep the contents fresh for up to 30 days.

shipping container beer shop 40ft
40ft Shipping container beer shop.

A festival to celebrate the first year in business proved to be a booming success. On the day a stock over 200 beers and ciders meant customers are spoilt for choice.

interior beer cladded wood brick-effect
Shipping container beer shop interior is cladded in timber and brick effect and wooden flooring.

The container shop demonstrates how using a large recycled shipping container will get you up and running quickly and help make a success of your business.

“People all get behind these initiatives, it’s brilliant to have such amazing support. We know the area and its breweries, and keep up to date with the emerging ones. There are new ones all the time.” Said Matt Kelly.

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